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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Introduction Week -- Day Two of FamilySearch Family Tree

No changes this morning, that I can see.

There has apparently been some confusion concerning exactly what I am talking about. is a website containing millions of digitized records, the Catalog of the Family History Library, digitized Books, links to the Ancestral File and the Pedigree Resource File, the FamilySearch Research Wiki, the Learning Center with hundreds of instructional videos and many, many more resources for genealogists.

Added to this list of resources is a program that was introduced at RootsTech 2012, called FamilySearch Family Tree. If you go the website, and do not sign in, this is what you will see today: (you can click on the image to see it more clearly)

  • Number 1: This is where you go to sign into the program.
  • Number 2: This is a link to search the Ancestral File and the Pedigree Resource File, this is NOT Family Tree. 
  • Number 3: This is the link to the Family History Library Catalog
  • Number 4: This is a link to the digitized books collection
  • Number 5: This is a link to the digitized records from microfilm and from current acquisition through digitized cameras
  • Number 6: This is the link to the Research Wiki and other resources such as the Learning Center with over 400 classes

All of these resources, plus everything else on this site, is free.

NOTE: The link to FamilySearch Family Tree does not appear.

Right now, although this may change in the future, the link to FamilySearch Family Tree does not show unless you are #1: registered and sign into, and #2: have an invitation to view the Family Tree program.

You can register for free and sign in simply by clicking on Number 1 above, the Sign In link.

You can get an invitation to enter the Family Tree program by clicking on the Help link in the upper right hand corner and looking at the entries on that page. Here is a screen shot of the Help Center page:

The big red arrow points to the link to the document explaining how to get access to the program.

Once you follow the directions and click the link (assuming you have signed into you will have access to the program from then on. You only have to go through this process one time.
From then on, the link to Family Tree will appear next to the FamilySearch logo like this:

If you click on this link, you will enter the program. This is what it looks like to me:

I have blanked out some information showing living people. Now you are ready to start working. You may see something different, especially if you have never previously contributed information to or any of the other programs that made up the data in Family Tree.

If you still have questions, Please send me your comments.

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