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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Trick or Treat from FamilySearch Family Tree

Since I checked earlier in the day, a new edition of Using the FamilySearch Family Tree: A Reference Guide (31 October 2012) went online. It is available under the Help menu link on It is only visible if you are registered and sign into the website. Thanks for heads up from my loyal readers.

It might be helpful to have some idea of the changes in the new manual and subsequently, the changes to the Family Tree program, but we are left to try and glean out the changes from the text that differs from previous editions and versions. One place to look for differences is the Feature Comparison between Family Tree and in Appendix F near the end of the manual.

A careful reading of the Feature Comparison shows the following:

Print a Pedigree Chart -- Still waiting
See a Family Group Record -- Still waiting
See a list of the people who were in a GEDCOM File that you contributed -- Still waiting
Add Notes -- Still waiting
Upload GEDCOM file -- Still waiting
Add new people and families that are not connected to your family line -- Still waiting
Add information using templates that are customized for Asia, Latin America and other parts of the world -- Still waiting
Sign in to help someone else -- Still waiting
Have Family Tree find possible matches -- This feature was there for a while and now has disappeared
Search for possible matches yourself -- Still waiting
Merge duplicate records -- Another feature that has been there for a while and maybe is no longer available
Unmerge and re-create incorrectly merged records -- Another feature that has been there for a while and maybe is no longer available

Hmm, looks suspiciously like they are going backwards for a while, some of the features I have been using for the past few weeks have now been retracted. Is this a treat or a trick?

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