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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Even more important developments with FamilySearch Family Tree

I have spent the last day or so finding out the rest of the story of the update to FamilySearch Family Tree. I have confirmed that "normal" ancestors can be merged with the new merge function, however the previously called "IOUSs" or "Individuals of Unusual Size" are being worked on and will not be available to be merged until they are "fixed." My ancestor is (was?) (is) an IOUS.

In addition to the merge feature, other features were released. Here is a summary of the new features added to the program:
  • You can click a checkbox and stay signed in to Family Tree for 2 weeks. People are encouraged to do this only if they are working on their own computers. Using this option on a public or shared computer is not recommended.
  • Users will be able to reserve LDS Temple ordinances directly in Family Tree and if you click Add to Temple Ordinance List, the names are added to your list, and you can print a Family Ordinance Request, assign to the temple, or unreserve all or some of the ordinances.
  • Soon the Family Tree program will contain the data entry templates needed to help users enter names in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, etc.
  • The resource has been available in English for some time. It is now available in other languages.
Soon, the Family Tree link will be visible to all users of, whether or not they are signed into the program.  In, (NFS) the startup page will display messages that encourage NFS users to try Family Tree. As time goes on, that message will be changed to provide stronger encouragement. That message will appear on both the sign in page and on the Home page. Some time after that, in NFS, the combine and separate features will be turned off.

The bulk of this information came with an email sent to the FamilySearch Centers, where they were encouraged to share the information with their staff.

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  1. James

    How big do you need to be considered "unusual"?

    I was moved by your earlier post to try to merge my most intractable ancestors.

    7xgreat grandmother was represented (at least) six times. I was able to complete one merge. All others failed. I suspect the issue is that she has five versions of the same spouse. After some hours of frustration, I believe that I cannot merge her until I tidy him and vice versa.

    Knowing there is a fix but being unable to apply it is worse than the mess we had before.