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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rumor or not? FamilySearch Family Tree live?

I got a blog post from the Larry Gragun Family and Genealogy Blog that claims that Family Tree is set to go live on 16 October 2012. The latest version of the manual is dated 2 October 2012. There were updates to the program last week that incorporated the merge function and allowed LDS users to reserve names for Temple ordinances. There are still several features listed in this latest version of the program that have yet to be implemented, such as notes, a list of ancestors, uploading GEDCOMs, adding people outside your own family and others. As an editorial comment, some of these features would be better left out of the program.

Is this alert accurate? I don't find any other independent confirmation. The real answer is that the program is virtually fully functional as it is now, nothing will really change all that much from what is presently available except an "official" introduction. There is obviously a public relations reason for having an official introduction, but that has nothing to do with the availability of the program right now.

The program, FamilySearch Family Tree, is revolutionary in the area of genealogy online. It seems to work very well except for the data issues it inherited from I would be glad for an official introduction, but it is already available and is a great program. If you need a formal introduction to the program, perhaps that will happen sometime soon, may even on 16 October 2012. On the other hand, maybe I just took the bait a little early. Well, I did put it in my blog.

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  1. I went to and it had a tree for me and an id number - before I was not allowed in (not LDS and not part of beta group). So, ... I am thinking they are getting ready to go prime time. One nice thing would be a link to explain what it is and how it works - did not see anything about it in the page. Will go take a look at the wiki.