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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Two days to System 8 and Apple is ahead by an iPad

By introducing new iPad 4, the new mini-iPad and a newly designed iMac just a few days before Microsoft's official introduction of its Microsoft Surface tablet, Apple may have successfully directed attention away from the long disclosed "old" news about Microsoft's products. This is particularly true since early reviews of the Surface tablet are negative about the product and the availability of apps. See here for Innovative tablet stranded in an app desert. Have you switched over to Microsoft's System 8?

Oh, did you forget that the Microsoft Surface introduction was in two days?

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  1. Actually, a good many reviews of the Microsoft Surface have been quite positive about the hardware and the operating system itself, but note the lack of applications as a primary drawback at present. The Surface RT is analogous to the iPad in that it does not run a true desktop operating system, but a pared down version that is not compatible with applications written for past desktop versions of Windows.

    The Surface Pro, expected in early 2013, will run Windows 8 Pro, and will support most existing Windows applications, as well as newly written applications for Windows 8 (not System 8!). Windows 8 itself is just now available for download, so likely not many of your readers will yet have it, even if they run Windows and plan to upgrade.