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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#RootsTech 2017 in Brief: Notes from the Conference -- #2

Today is the Innovators Summit. The adventure begins. Well, it is an adventure if you live genealogy all day every day. I am at the Industry Trends and Outlooks with a panel consisting of Ben Bennett,; Craig Bott, Grow Utah; Heather Holmes, TapGenes; Nick Jones, JRNL, Inc; Robert Kehrer, FamilySearch.

The moderator, Craig Bott who I had the pleasure of talking to for an hour or so last night, tells the story of James Sorenson who is known as the Father of Family DNA. He founded Sorenson DNA that is now the basis for

While I am here I am getting notices of some the new programs and apps. Here is one.

This is from the Ancestor Network in Ireland. Of course, I will spend more time looking at these new products but I want to pass them along as they come to me. Remember that parts of the Conference are being broadcast live from

Yes, the sessions are streamed live. One place is the Mormon Channel.

Ben Bennett discusses innovation at and the recent partnership with The key here is to check out all the new products and links that I put in my posts so you can get an idea of some of the things. is a new program from introduced by Heather Holmes. Robert Kehrer from FamilySearch talks about hand writing recognition and mentions the same issues I saw yesterday at BYU. Named Entry Recognition is another area Robert mentions.

Nick Jones, of also talks about innovation. He talks about what needs to be know by companies seeking investment.

Time to move on to the next event. Sorry about the lack of details. I will likely be very busy starting this afternoon when I have a video interview by FamilySearch. If you are here at the Conference, you will have the best chance of seeing me by looking right in the front of the classes or for the next three days, on the Exhibit Floor.

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