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Friday, February 10, 2017


Some of you may remember that I have been counting down the days until my very first DNA test results came in from Actually, all my speculations were absolutely confirmed. It looks like all my years of paper genealogy have been validated. I am glad to know I have 100% of my DNA.

Actually, these results are a big help. Confirming my Jewish line is really helpful. Now, I need to spend some time documenting my connection back to that Rabbi in the Netherlands. I am a little puzzled by the South Asia connection but that is probably going to take some more testing to figure out. Here are the details, if you cannot read them from the image.
  • North and West Europe 96.3%
  • British and Irish 87.0%
  • Scandinavian 9.3%
  • Ashkenazi Jewish 2.5%
  • South Asia 1.2%
In future posts, I will comment on the connections provided by and some analysis of the lines showing how the test confirms my previous research. Now, here is the issue. If I had not done the paper research over the years, I would have a great big puzzle to solve in determining my Jewish ancestry. Paper and DNA go together. There is no substitute. 

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  1. What an interesting DNA result, proof indeed that paper and DNA go together. Please keep us posted on what you learn.