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Friday, February 17, 2017

Photo Discoveries on

This email from points out the new Photo Discoveries feature of the website. The Photo Discoveries are included in Instant Discoveries link on the menu bar.

If you click on a Photo Discovery option, you will get a selection of 10 photos to add to individuals in your family tree or ignore.

I can either leave all the items checked or select only the ones I want to keep and then click on the Add Photos to your tree button in the upper right-hand corner. The photos are then automatically added to each of the people tagged in the original photos.

Now, when I navigate to one of the people in my family tree, I see the new photo attached.

It is really as easy as that. Now, I see that I have 8 records that could be added to this individual.

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  1. James,

    I, too, got a message about new photos having been posted of members of my family. I do agree that such a resource could very well be valuable in the search for information about our ancestors. But...

    On the notice sent to me I was surprised and shocked to see pictures of my children and grandchildren. We have informed the member that no permission was given to use the photos on MyHeritage – by anyone in the family. We were especially concerned with them being related to living persons, especially children. I believe MyHeritage and people involved in genealogy in general need to take extra care when publishing information of any kind about living people but should never, in my opinion, put up photos of children, without the parents' express written approval.

    Some aspects of social media that display details of people's lives, along with their pictures, are bad enough. We don't need to import that bad behaviour into family history files. Dead relatives’ lives may be subject to research and review. Living people need to be protected. I cannot imagine what information about my grandchildren has to do with any study of my or their ancestors.