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Friday, October 7, 2011

Family Heritage Recipe

My wife's family has had a tradition of cooking that spans generations. Now the family is getting together online to publish their combined traditional recipes. As a disclaimer, I must admit that I am far, far, far from being cook myself. My idea of fixing food is a peanut butter sandwich and a pickle. I can also fry eggs on occasion. But you cannot believe the wonderful cooks we have in our family! It is sometimes truly amazing. The dishes they are planning on sharing include some pioneer historical recipes that go back into the 1800s. Other recipes include a variety of foods from around the world. They are truly masters at cooking. When my wife, daughters and other relatives get together, I am not kidding, food is the number one conversation topic. I don't know enough to open my mouth, except to eat. Here is the link. I hope you enjoy the recipes:

Family Heritage Recipes

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