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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Response from Family Tree Maker

Above is a copy of the email response I received from about my inability to load Family Tree Maker 2012. You may note that they say, "We apologize for the trouble you are having with installing the Family Tree Maker program. Unfortunately, we do not support the PC program being run on a parallels system on a Mac. We apologize that we cannot offer assistance with this." Of course, there is nothing in any of the product announcements or promotions advising the purchaser that there may be a problem. I repeat, from my last post, that I have been using Family Tree Maker 2010 on my Parallels Desktop system for much more than a year without a single problem. I will also reiterate that I have never had a program previously that I have been unable to load. I did have problems with other programs looking for data files in unexpected places, but that was easily solved and did not involve the program's loading or operation. How does the program know it is running on a Windows 7 system on Parallels Desktop? That doesn't make any sense.

Stay tuned for the next installment, if there is one. I really would like to be able to use the new Family Tree Maker Program on my computer. I wonder if this is a ploy to get Macintosh users to purchase the Macintosh program? Well, I already have the Mac version running on my computer without any problems.


  1. More than a little depressing.
    If you can't resolve this it's clear I won't be able to. Guess my pre-ordered version can just be shipped back.

  2. I'm staying tuned because I was planning to purchase a Mac next, one that ran Windows, too. This is of great interest to me!