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Thursday, October 6, 2011

San Francisco 1984

As one of the original Apple Dealers I was invited to San Francisco in 1984 for the introduction of a new computer, the Macintosh. We were very aware of the technology, having had two Lisa Computers in our store for some time. Unfortunately, no one was very interested in buy a huge, noisy Lisa Computer. But we looked forward to the intro of the new version.

We traveled to San Francisco and I was in the audience when a very young Steve Jobs unveiled the computer. You may not realize but this is the defining moment for personal computers. They were insanely great. The screen shots look old and clunky today but they were revolutionary from what we or anyone else had seen before. Yes, I was one of those people giving a standing ovation for the product that would change the world. 

Who will replace Steve Jobs? No one.

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