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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Post your genealogical links to the Wiki

At over 62,000 pages, the FamilySearch Research Wiki is a tremendously valuable free online resource for locating records. But it could be even more valuable if the genealogical blogging community would take the time to post new records sources to the Wiki as they are made available on the Internet. Each week I see a number of posts that announce the availability of new digitized records somewhere in the world. Those new records posted the's Historic Record Collections are posted with explanations and links to the Wiki. But I see dozens of references a week that go announced but unconnected to the Wiki resources. Your post is invaluable to the community, but very transitory. If you make a link in the Wiki to the new records on a page dealing with the particular geographic area or subject matter, you will make the link permanently available and at the same time enhance the utility of the Wiki by one more source.

If you don't know how to post a link on the Wiki, then send me an note, either an email at my email address, or send my a note through the Wiki. My User page is User:Jamestanner. You need to register for a free LDS Account or a free FamilySearch Account and signin to send an email to me, but if you go to my User page you will see a link to send an email or post to my talk page. If you send me the links I will put them in the Wiki on appropriate page.

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  1. This is such a worthwhile exercise - thanks for highlighting it, James. I think the Wiki has enormous potential.

    I started making some alterations and additions to the Australian pages a few weeks ago and am trying to set aside some time each week to the task.

    How about it, fellow genies? If we all spent a few minutes each week contributing to this useful free resource it will grow into an amazing reference work.