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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Checking out the RootsTech App

Last year at RootsTech 2011, I carried around the huge syllabus almost two inches thick. This year I have the RootsTech 2012 iPhone App (also for Android). I downloaded the App and found maps, schedules, blogs, news, a way to schedule which classes you want to attend, a photo gallery, a video gallery, a Twitter link and more. It is impressive and it is always nice to see your own name in print even if it is tiny little print on an iPhone.

The App can be downloaded from the App Store or the Android Market and it is free. Good idea and a good substitute for the huge syllabus.


  1. I don't think it's a substitute for the syllabus, only for the general information, list of speakers and room numbers, etc.

    There are information documents, but no syllabus material for the individual presentations. at least, not yet.

  2. Sorry if I implied that the online app was a substitute for the syllabus, it just means I don't have to carry the book around for three days.