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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From Yuma at the Family History Expo

Yuma Crossing State Historic Park, Yuma, Arizona USA in Arizona

It is a warm and sunny day in Yuma, which is the rule rather than the exception. Yuma has two seasons warm and sunny and hot and sunny. But it is preferable to have warm rather than hot. We are here in the Pivot Point Convention Center part of the Hilton Garden Inn. It is a newer looking hotel and convention center, right next to the Yuma Crossing State Historical Area. Historically speaking, Yuma happens to be the only place in a 1000 miles that travelers could cross the Colorado River. As a result, all of the historic trails including, but not limited to, the DeAnza Trail, the Butterfield Overland Stage Trail, the Mormon Battalion Trail, and a few others. You can see from the picture what it looks like here. This picture was taken about 200 yards from where I am sitting and writing.

We have people from the surrounding area as well as the Yuma Family History Center and the Yuma Genealogical Society here and a good group of vendors, including Leiland Meitzler and his Family Roots Publishing Co. The Keynote Speaker is Arlene Eakle, Ph.D. President and founder of the Genealogical Institute, Inc.

Other speakers at the Yuma Expo are:
  • Ken Aubuchon
  • Betsy Frith Gottsponer, MLS
  • Leland K. Meitzler
  • Linda Harris
  • Holly Hansen
  • Patricia R. (Sunny) James
  • Tom Underhill
  • Nathan Richardson
  • Billy Dubois Edgington
This is the first year for Family History Expos to be here in Yuma. This is a single day conference and I will be driving back to Mesa tonight after the Conference. Later this week, I will be at the Arizona (Mesa) Family History Expo.

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