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Monday, January 30, 2012

Don't worry, be happy

OK, my trip to Utah was uneventful. Long but uneventful. Although we drove the Chevrolet Silverado Pickup rather than the high mpg Toyota Prius we had one advantage, the Chevy is equipped to use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and guess what? CNG is about half or less the cost per gallon of regular gasoline. So even though the truck's mileage is lousy, we get gas (CNG) at less than half price so it is like having a car that get twice the mpg of the truck. Once you get out of the Arizona political cesspool which has actively discouraged CNG alternative fuel vehicles and where there are almost no public CNG locations, we could buy CNG all along the route from Las Vegas to Utah Valley thus cutting the cost of driving back to a reasonable amount.

I also appreciate the fact that Utah has raised the legal speed limit to 80 mph in many long stretches in the long flat valleys of Central Utah.

We look forward to seeing old Blogger friends and making some new ones. Please take time to say hello.

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