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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Dilemma of the Lineup

OK, so now there is this terrible dilemma of the lineup of classes at RootsTech 2012. Am I ruled by passion or the desire to seek additional knowledge? How do I balance working with my compulsive blogging and working with the FamilySearch Research Wiki Support Team? Or with the TechTips information station? Or talk to all the Bloggers? Or talk to all the Wiki contributors? Or do my usual digging for new stuff to talk about?

I really need to be cloned really quick so I can be in two or three or more places at once.

The first look at the Class Schedule is daunting. How can I decide? There are multiple classes every time slot that I really have to attend. And of course, I miss everything else in my own time slot on Friday afternoon at 3:00 pm. I sincerely doubt I will get much eating done. (Hmm, maybe I will lose some weight? Many that is a new spin on RootsTech?)

This is going to take some real thought and some time to plan. But, of course, all my plans will go out the window as soon as I actually get to RootsTech.

I you see me wandering around, be sure and say hello. But be sure and get my attention first, I will likely be totally distracted.

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  1. To assist with this issue I've registered Mr Geniaus for the Conference so I can send him to different sessions from me and then have him report back (and he thinks he's having a holiday!).