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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012-11-10 Update to FamilySearch Blog has a blog. Of course, you may say. Don't all the larger genealogy companies? Yes, I answer, but usually when they have a blog, you can subscribe to it with an RSS feed. The last time I got a feed from the website was 72 days ago and still counting. In the past, would post one or two posts a month or so. Then post ten or more in one day. Perhaps, the blog did not have a very high priority. Lately, however, they have been posting nearly every day. Except, without a feed, I have to remember to go to the blog to read it.

But you say, the problem is with your browser or your feed reader or whatever. Hmm, then why do I get the feeds on over 200 other blogs without any problems? Anyway, I thought that in case they are having trouble fixing the problem, I would post an update every few days as I remember to do so, of the newest posts.

Here is the list in URL format up to today:


  1. You are not the only one.

    It is so long since I received notification in G-Reader of a post, I had forgotten that I subscribed. When I unsubscribed then repasted the URL of the feed, the Reader told me that the Family Search Blog had 6 subscribers!

    No wonder they don't bother to announce posts for so few readers.

    I prefer to think that EVERYONE at FS is busy working on the Tree -- fixing those duplicates it will not let me combine.

  2. Do they have RSS for the index updates? Would be nice to just see whats updated everyday instead of going to the site, check all records then sort just to see whats new.