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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Introduction Week -- Day Four FamilySearch Family Tree

A notice did appear on the website (this may be what they mean by an introduction) directing users to "Try FamilySearch Family Tree!" This is one of the major waypoints in the introduction process, letting current users of about the existence of the program. It would be interesting to see if this link, after signing in, takes the person directly to Family Tree without going through the hitherto necessary "invitation" step. If so, this is a big step towards getting the transition to FamilySearch Family Tree in progress.

If you have not previously used Family Tree and have either an LDS or FamilySearch Account, go to and click on the link, sign in and see what happens. Since I am already registered, I went directly to Family Tree. I am concerned that those who go to Family Tree by this direct route from will fail to understand where the Family Tree program resides, that is, that it is not but merely

Because of the "update" of the Reference Manual in the Help Menu (when you are signed on only) I am not sure which features are or are not available at this time. I tried to search for possible duplicates where the same person was obviously shown twice as a child and got no results from the duplicate search. It appears that, at least in some cases, this feature has been removed for the time being.

OK, if you have gotten to this point in the post, you likely know what I am talking about. If not, I suggest going back through several of my previous blog posts on Family Tree. You may also wish to view the items in the Help Menu on concerning the program.


  1. I tried to log in.

    I got: "Your account is not ready for"

    I do have an account (I entered data for the 1940 census), but ,I am not a member of LDS -- and so, I've had difficulty following all your discussions on this, as I've never been able to see what tree is about.

  2. (I left off part of my message)

    When I clicked on "Try FamilySearch Tree" and signed in: nothing happened. I got the same screen. No notice that it was rejecting my id/password. Just: the same log-in screen.

  3. Looks like combining and separating was turned off in nFS Wednesday night. Today if you log in you see a message encouraging you to try FSFT. If you go to the Possible Duplicates tab you see a message instructing you to use FSFT to identify and remove possible duplicates.