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Monday, November 26, 2012

Walking Arizona gaining on Genealogy's Star

Prickly Pear flower with two colors. This is a picture I took some time ago, but I always go back and revisit my archives for more photos to put on my websites. 
Many of my readers know about my alter-ego as a photographer. My photography blog, Walking Arizona, has over a thousand of my photos. Interestingly, Walking Arizona is quickly becoming more popular than Genealogy's Star. Is there a message here? Maybe I need to focus more on photography and less on genealogy? (just kidding, I have too much to do in genealogy). Actually, the two passions are complimentary. I do a huge amount of photographic work in genealogy, especially using the camera to digitize documents, photographic negatives and other items. Both genealogy and photography can be the basis for a lifetime of learning and improvement.

In my photography mode, I also do panoramic 360 degree images. You can see some of them on my blog PhotoArizona260. These types of photos are much more involved than my other photos and so I don't post to that site as often as I would like to. In my dreams, I could spend all my time wandering around the state of Arizona and the rest of the country, taking photos and posting them online. But reality sets in and I get back to teaching, blogging and working on genealogy.

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