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Friday, November 2, 2012

Introduction Week -- Day Five, Looking ahead with FamilySearch Family Tree

As I noted in a previous post, there are several crucial features still coming in's Family Tree. Those of you who do not yet have access to the program and those who do, will possibly need to wait a while longer for a fully functional program. Those of us that are already working in the program have accepted the present limitations and are focusing on those elements we work on presently. There is no real reason to wait any longer to work with the Family Tree program.

The announcement on the start-up page of is non-committal on the subject of its replacement of, The reality of the change will still not be apparent for some time to the majority of its users.

In my own family lines, we are already reaping the benefits of a common venue for inputting genealogical research. My predictions are starting to appear faster than I thought they would. I am getting calls from relatives that will end in collaboration on research on important lines.

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