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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Everyone now on FamilySearch Family Tree

I finally found someone who was registered with and had never been invited to use Family Tree. When he signed into, the link for Family Tree appeared automatically. He did not have to further register to use Family Tree. This coupled with the forwarding notices in, increases the level of awareness of the program.

Well, "awareness of the program" is a highly relative term. If you are an avid genealogist it is possible you have used If you are a casual genealogist, likely you are not aware of this resource. Many users of the program are likely seeing their first reference to the replacement program this week. In a discussion today with six individuals mildly interested in genealogy, I found only one that that even heard of's Family Tree program and he had only looked at it once or twice before.

I think this reaction is typical since has been out for years and I find people all the time who have never heard of the program.


  1. I just gave a lesson to all the High Priests and Elders in my ward today on FamilyTree. Most of them even stayed awake.

    Enjoying your blog and the coverage you are giving. Thanks for what you do.

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