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Monday, November 26, 2012

What??? I am not making this stuff up

This blog post came into my reader today, 26 November 2012. It is dated 16 November 2012 and is entitled, "Family Tree Service on is Coming to All Users." Here is the opening exactly quoted:
Within the next few months, FamilySearch will introduce Family Tree. The first of many updates planned for, Family Tree will bring collaborative web tools together with the resources of the world’s largest genealogy organization to create a free and engaging way to discover, preserve, and share your family history.
The post then references the same "special introductory video" that has been online for months.  Did I just enter a time warp? Didn't I sit through the "Introduction" of Family Tree back in February, 2012 with 3000 or so of my closest friends at RootsTech 2012? Didn't we just go through another introduction a few weeks ago? Now, we learn that "within the next few months, FamilySearch will introduce Family Tree." We also learn that "Family Tree will be open to everyone and the more you learn about it now, the more ready you will be to take full advantage of this exciting new family history tool when it becomes available."

Pardon me. What have I been using and teaching about for the last nine months? Is there yet another introduction to come? How many more times are we going to be introduced to Family Tree? Oh, well that's what I get for reading the blog posts.

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  1. While poorly worded, the post is referring to opening Family Tree up to the public, which has not fully happened yet. Only members of the LDS church are officially allowed in right now, although I believe non-LDS people can sign up with an "invite" by clicking on the following link -