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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lurkers and Commentators

They are a lot of us lurkers out there. We watch a long list of blogs and websites but hardly ever make comments. Well, occasionally I do make a comment. Why are comments important? If you disagree with the blog post, you can express your own opinion. By the way, I have been corrected by commentators more times than I can count. Sometimes the comments are questions that lead to additional blog posts. Sometime comments help me focus on the problem that needs clarification. A lot of times commentators tell stuff I have no clue about.

Lurkers aren't bad. They are very good actually. It shows you care enough to learn from blogs. But at the same time, don't hesitate to be a commentator at appropriate times. In some cases you can subscribe to not only the posts, but also the comments. Think about doing that.

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  1. I like to think that those who write blog comments are not agreeing nor disagreeing, but bringing the conversation forward. They bring up additional points. They turn the "lecture" into a dialog. That adds value.

    I used to be a lurker, but thanks to one of my readers who always made a point to comment on my posts, I discovered how I could also turn around and be the change I yearned for. I followed his lead and started posting comments on other people's blogs, too. Sometimes, it's just the thing those other lurkers needed. It breaks the dam down and releases the flow of conversation.

    I like what one blogger did to customize his blog. Instead of "Post a Comment" on his website, the phrase has been changed to say, "Who's First?"