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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Quick Count: The Revolution in Genealogy Blogs

Late last night, I reviewed the list of posts on my blog reader program, This morning as I got going early, I had 18 new blog posts from the 280 or so blogs I am following. Ten of the eighteen were from commercially sponsored entities. Of the eight remaining blog posts, seven were from well-known, established bloggers. There was only one post from a "family blogger," that is, someone writing about their own family research. I only subscribe to a relatively few non-genealogical blogs, but of the 18 posts that showed up this morning, seven of them were from non-genealogical blogs such as my subscription to the JSTOR Daily.

The most remarkable thing about the posts was the number. From time to time, I will post some more observations and see if there is a trend or if I am merely acting like Chicken Little.

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  1. I use regularly, and have trouble following 20 or so blogs. How do you manage to even SCAN the headings of so many blogs? It would be worthwhile to write a blog on "following blogs", and share your philosophy. Thanks for your posts - I LOVE THEM ! !