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Friday, June 26, 2015

The First Virtual Family History Expo

For the past ten years or so, has been traveling the United States and providing a high quality, local family history conference experience for thousands of attendees. Now it is time to focus that previous experience in a slightly different direction. is now producing a monthly learning opportunity in Salt Lake City, Utah at the world famous Family History Library. Quoting from a recent blog post:
Family History Expos is presenting a series of monthly retreats and learning experiences—every month in 2015, we teach you how to find those difficult ancestors in the classroom—with handouts, slide shows, and expert instruction. And we take you by the hand into the FamilySearch Library—the largest genealogy library in the world. We help you with research, reading documents, copying records and sources onto your flash-drive, evaluating evidence—so you can take new information and newly documented ancestors home with you. 
Oh, let’s be clear about this—you do the work under our careful eye and with our expert help. You will wow your genealogy cousins with the problems you solve, along with your greater understanding of research and how to find and document ancestors that belong to you.
As indicated in the screenshot above, for July, 2015, FamilyHistoryExpos will be presenting a mentored, week long study session with classes and hands-one experience at the Family History Library on "Tracing a Southern Pedigree." Here is the quote:

Southern States Virtual Expo

For those of you who just can't make it to Salt Lake City in July, please join us virtually from your personal computer. You can participate with us live, ask questions, and enjoy the handouts. Much like attending a Family History Expo except you get more classes spread over 5 days. With time to relax in-between class sessions.

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