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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

MyHeritage add Instant Discovery Tree Cards continues to implement and expand the effect of their Record Match and Smart Matches technologies. They recently announced that their Instant Discoveries™ are now available to all MyHeritage users. This innovation allows users to add entire branches to their family tree in just a few clicks. The above screenshot shows the Discovery World Map, that shows individuals taking advantage of this new feature.

Now, you can see the discoveries waiting for you on your own family tree. Here is the announcement from
Today we are introducing a useful new feature that lets you see the Discoveries available for you right in your family tree, in their exact context. For example, if a branch connected to your great-grandmother, which includes her father or mother, is missing in your family tree, but found by MyHeritage in another tree, you’ll see a special yellow card above your great-grandmother’s profile labeled “Discovery!”
 Here is another quote from the announcement about the limitations of the new feature:
The new Discovery cards are an additional way to access Discoveries directly from your family tree. All Discoveries can be accessed from the Discovery Hub link in the main navigation of your family site. 
In this initial release the yellow Discovery cards are only shown for up to 50 Discoveries in each tree, and only for Discoveries that can add a parent to an existing person in the tree. In subsequent releases, we will increase the number and include Discovery cards also in situations where they can add a spouse, sibling or child to your tree. 
If you don't like the Discovery cards, you can turn them off in the tree settings, available through the wheel menu in your family tree.
Here is another cautionary comment:
Instant Discoveries are based on our matching technologies and, therefore, have an extremely high accuracy rate. Nevertheless, you should always use them with care! Do not apply them to your tree unless you trust the source of the information and its veracity. You can also contact other tree owners on MyHeritage and discuss your family connection, before making any changes to your tree. 
In the coming months, we will continue to enhance your experience around Instant Discoveries, and add more features to make them better and easier to use.

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