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Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Genetic History of the United Kingdom: the POBI project on

Thanks to John D. Reid for the link to this very interesting video on entitled "
The Genetic History of the United Kingdom: the POBI project." The description of the video is as follows:
Garrett presents results from the People of the British Isles (POBI) project, an exploration of the fine-scale genetic architecture of the United Kingdom. Using the DNA of individuals sampled across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, Garrett illustrates the striking correlation between an individual's genetics and their geographic origins. Furthermore, by comparing the DNA of UK individuals to that of individuals sampled from continental Europe, we identify clear differences in ancestry among different geographic regions of the UK, reflecting the genetic imprint of the Anglo-Saxon and Norwegian Viking migrations from several centuries ago.


  1. I may be totally up in the night about this, but it seems to me that they went to a lot of trouble to prove what they could have heard in the various language dialects and customs still present today. The Welsh language, versus Celtic and Scot, English, and so on. The place names, road signs and shops in these various languages. The known history of invasions, as he showed, at various times from various surrounding places. It seems like an awfully lot of work, scientific to be sure, only to come up with what everyone already knew.

  2. Whether or not some people already knew, he put it in format that everyone can look at and understand, even if they don't live in the UK and haven't observed the data the above commenter speaks of, and/or haven't done the years of research needed to personally understand it . I'm a beginner and I appreciate the presentation and found it very interesting. It's Thank you for sharing it. I've included your post in my Noteworthy Reads for this week: