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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ancestral Quest is Now Available for Mac

At one time, I had to buy and maintain a Windows compatible computer so I could run some of the better genealogy programs. Eventually, the Apple Mac-based programs not only became available but ran better on my Macs than the PC versions. Although, as I have mentioned before, we still have our politically correct, token Windows PC, we do almost all our work on Apple computers.

Some of us can remember when Personal Ancestral File had an Apple Macintosh version, but those days are long gone. There are still some genealogical holdouts; programs that will run only on one platform, but they are fighting a losing battle. Multi-platform software is de rigueur right now and will become increasing so in the future. You might be aware that Microsoft's Windows 10 is designed to run on multiple devices, especially those with touch screens.

Ancestral Quest is not nearly the last of the major genealogy programs to port a version to the Mac, but some of the programs have had Mac versions for some time now. There are still several Windows-only programs and equally, there are Mac-only programs also.

Most of the Mac-compatible versions are just that, they run under a virtual operating system program from called Crossover. There are other options for running Windows-based programs on the Mac, but using Crossover is one of the easiest and least intrusive.

So, now we have a Mac version of one of the most popular programs for storing all of your genealogical data. Here is a copy of a Press Release from Gaylon Findlay of Incline Software, the developer behind Ancestral Quest. If you have been thinking of moving to an Apple computer and were waiting because you use Ancestral Quest, here is your opportunity.
Salt Lake City, Utah (August 19, 2015) – Incline Software, LC announced today thatAncestral Quest™, its family tree software, is now available for Mac.
For over 20 years, Ancestral Quest has been a Windows program, providing excellent, easy-to-use yet comprehensive tools to millions of users worldwide, both professional and beginner. During that time, it has been sold directly by Incline Software, and licensed by others, often under different titles, including Ancestry Family Tree (AFT) by and with more extensive adjustments as Personal Ancestral File (PAF) by FamilySearch. This powerful family tree record keeping program is now available to users of Mac. Ancestral Quest for Mac will run on OS X 10.7 and later.
Ancestral Quest for Mac simply downloads and installs directly to the Mac, without the need for additional software. Those who have used Ancestral Quest on Windows computers will find that AQ for Mac is the same program as AQ for Windows.
Overview of Ancestral Quest for Mac
Ancestral Quest for Mac allows users to record their family tree, including the names, dates and places of ancestors and descendants, and provides for the recording of notes and sources for each individual, as well as scrapbook collections for each person. AQ for Mac also allows users to print standard forms and charts such as Pedigree charts, Family Group Records, Ancestry and Descendancy charts, birthday and anniversary calendars, and scores of additional charts, lists and reports to help them review and share their family tree. AQ for Mac can create a web-site that can be uploaded to the Internet, showing whatever parts of a family tree users feel like sharing. It also generates a customizable research timeline, to help put ancestors in perspective of the times and events in which they lived, and provides users with a research log and manager to keep their genealogical research efforts organized.
Ancestral Quest provides an ability, unique for desktop family tree software products, to have several users work as a team on a single data file, from multiple computers anywhere in the world. This feature is called "Collaboration." Whether the user has a Windows computer or a Mac, team members will be able to work together with AQ's Collaboration system.
Ancestral Quest for Mac meets the same certification requirements with FamilySearch Family Tree (Family Tree) as its Windows counterpart. This means that users can upload portions of their personal family tree to the Family Tree, or download portions of the Family Tree into their personal file. Users can also synchronize individuals, families, and notes and sources for both individuals and families between their personal file andFamily Tree. Additionally, like its Windows counterpart, Ancestral Quest for Mac allows users to search such online databases as those of and, along with other sites that can be added into Ancestral Quest's Internet search engine.
Ancestral Quest has won several awards over the years, including the 2009 FamilySearch award for "Most Comprehensive Syncing", which is indicative of the way AQ is not only easy to learn and use, but of paying attention to the important details required by genealogists. AQ was also awarded the 2009 FamilySearch award for "Best Listing Tool", which epitomizes the fact that AQ provides the most advanced tools for finding individuals and defining groups of individuals for various reporting and research tasks.
Benefits to PAF Users
Many PAF 5 users have moved, or are contemplating moving, from Windows computers to Mac computers. Because the Windows versions of PAF were derived from AQ, these PAF users will feel right at home as they use Ancestral Quest for Mac. Ancestral Quest for Mac can directly update a PAF 5 file, so current or former PAF 5 users can simply copy their PAF 5 file from their Windows machine to their Mac, and AQ will be able to open and work with their data, as is.
Incline Software™ developed Ancestral Quest in 1994, and has been enhancing it ever since.
In addition to English, Ancestral Quest is also available in German, French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and Swedish, with other language modules being developed. You can learn more about Incline Software, Ancestral Quest, and Ancestral Quest Basics, by visiting or calling Incline Software at 1-800-825-8864.
Ancestral Quest for Mac is expected to sell for $34.95. But for a limited time, it can be purchased at the same price as AQ for Windows, which currently is $29.95. Ancestral Quest Basics for Mac is a free version of Ancestral Quest, with all of the essential features of a family tree program available for free, but with the more advanced features locked. The free version will only be available for a limited time, so those wishing to take advantage of obtaining a full-featured, free genealogy program for Mac should act quickly. Ancestral Quest for Mac can be downloaded

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