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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Where are the state-by-state resources for genealogy?

Did you know that some of the large online genealogy websites has a state-specific resource pages? Did you know that many of these specific links are part of the new website called "The Family History Guide?" State specific resource listings are not a new development. FamilySearch and its predecessors published paper Research Outlines starting many years ago. These paper editions have been incorporated into the Research Wiki. See the Research Wiki articles entitled, "Research Guides Now in the FamilySearch Wiki" and "Research Outlines." Because they went out of print in 2009, in most cases, the actual Guides have disappeared except in libraries, but the content was long ago incorporated into the Research Wiki. If you still want to see the original Outlines, you can find a link to PDF copies on the BYU Family History Library Research Wiki article. has the following Research by Location map located through the "Search" link or menu item:

You begin by clicking on an area of the world, in this case, the United States. You then choose a location:

I will use Arizona as an example of the page that results from choosing a state:

Here is a similar page on that is linked by The Family History Guide:

Here is the Arizona page from, once again available from a link on The Family History Guide.

Here is yet another Arizona page from as linked by The Family History Guide.

Here is the USGenWeb page for Arizona:

Again, another Arizona genealogy research page. This one is from Cyndi's List:

What about the Research Wiki?

Each of these websites give a different twist to the research in any given state or country.

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