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Monday, August 17, 2015

First Impressions of Windows 10 -- PAF Still Lives!

Despite my pervasive Apple computer environment, we do own a token Microsoft Windows PC. We finally did figure out to look for the Windows icon on our desktop for the upgrade to Windows 10. Of course we had to install two sets of about 50 or so upgrades to get the icon, but who is counting. After registering for the "free" upgrade, we checked back after a few days and got an invitation to download the new operating system.

We started the upgrade process, but neither my wife nor I had time to sit there and watch the entire process and keep the computer from going to sleep, so it took us two or three days to finish the downloading process and get to the actual installation after re-starting or continuing the download from Microsoft several times. Of course, your experience could vary since we were using the WiFi version of Google Fiber. I thought about hard wiring the computer to the Google router after I got the whole process underway but by then, I was simply setting the computer aside and letting it run until it went to sleep or whatever.

Once we got the Windows 10 program downloaded, it only took about three hours or so to install. We left the computer and came back a few hours later to finish the whole process.

Once we got through the registration procedures and setting preferences etc., I got my initial look at the Windows 10 program. For the first time in my long memory, the Windows 10 operating system worked well and was reasonably easy to figure out. My first impulse was to see if the venerable Personal Ancestral File program would still run. It did. We might find a few complicating factors as we get into the operating system a little further, but right now it is about the best upgrade I have seen from Microsoft in a long time.

Next I had to explore Microsoft Edge and Cortana. Interesting. It might take me a while to learn what I need and want and what they think I need and want.

All in all, it is neutral experience, which is very good. If I still had Windows 8 on my computer and saw this new operating system. I would change over immediately. I was able to find everything I needed and I could never say that about Windows 8.

Oh, some programs made need an upgrade. I know that RootsMagic does. See

More thoughts about Windows 10

I set the computer aside and came back to it the next day and continued to write. I don't usually do this but I decided I needed to let the program settle down before looking at it again. I immediately got lost when going back into the program. Guess what? I am completely locked out of my computer!! I some how ended up with three "users" for my computer and all require a password, which of course, I don't remember setting up. I am finally able to get into one of the three accounts, but I have no idea how to manage the accounts or recover the "lost" passwords.

I restarted the computer to try and sort things out. It looks like I am being jerked back into the real world of computer operating systems again. Oh well.

It took me a few restarts of the computer to remove the unwanted extra users that had been generated inadvertently and now I am back to the regular use of the programs etc. Off on another computer adventure.


  1. I read about people who have major problems with this update and most do not. I have it scheduled to download and wait to install. Did you files and things transfer with it or did you do a back up of 8 first?

  2. Figure that since I'm having to use a wooden popsicle stick to keep my CD door partially open, I should look into getting a new laptop. (CD driver is broken, and whirs constantly if I don't keep it partially open! LOL) I have all of my gen files on PAF 5.0, only a few transferred to Legacy 7. Are you saying that PAF 5.0 works on Windows 10? At least for now, I want to keep it. Also, I really love my Windows 7 - 64 Professional OS! Using it, I can still keep using my beloved MS Office 2010, which does not require a yearly subscription like the newer one does. I've found a couple of good, inexpensive laptops with good processors and memory, that still have 7-64 professional OS on them. They come with a subscription to upgrade to Windows 10, but I'd imagine there's a time limit to do that for free. I'd sure appreciate your comments and opinion. Thanks a million.

    1. Yes the deadline for FREE Windows 10 upgrade is on July 29th. Depending on where you are in the world, that is either today, or tomorrow.

      I too am curious what version of PAF will run on Windows 10. I want to get a laptop for doing genealogy work in the field and not worry about people poking the screen and pounding on the keyboard. I was narrowing my search to Windows 7 laptops but since this blog post says it works on Windows 10... I just may buy a Windows 10 laptop instead of downgrading.

      Appreciate the post, Thanks.

  3. I am still using PAF 4.0 and had a problem uploading a gedcom file to rootsweb/ World Connect Project. Is this a problem with Windows 10 and PAF or is it a Rootsweb/ problem? Anyone else have this problem?

    1. The problem was with the World Connect Project at rootweb/ The gedcom files weren't uploading. After a few days the problem was solved. PAF 4.0 lives on.