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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RootsTech Ramp Up

Time passes quickly and the upcoming RootsTech 2016 Conference is just around the corner. Presently scheduled for February 3rd through the 6th, 2016, there are four hotels that are already taking reservations. Compared to other major cities around the world, accommodations in Salt Lake City, Utah are very reasonable. You might remember that last year the Brigham Young University Family HistoryTechnology Workshop was held the day before the Innovators Summit. The BYU Workshop was held on the university's campus in Provo, Utah. This was convenient for me, but not as convenient for those flying in to Salt Lake City. I haven't yet seen an announcement for the 2016 Conference, but I will provide and update as soon as something goes online.

There are really three different segments of the RootsTech 2016 Conference: the Innovators Summit, the main Conference and the Family Discovery Day. Each of these requires separate registration. Last year, the Family Discovery Day was sold out well in advance of the event.

One aspect of the Conference that has been changing over the years is the role of the news or reporting media. This coming year, just as last year, the Bloggers are now called RootsTech Ambassadors and the description of their involvement has changed. Here is the description from the website:
The RootsTech team is looking for individuals with significant influence that can help build awareness of RootsTech events, engage in content opportunities, and amplify the RootsTech message and experience. RootsTech ambassadors come from all over the world representing different industries, including family history, scrapbooking, photography, IT, software, and more. 
If you are interested in being part of the RootsTech ambassador team, please download and review the RootsTech Ambassador Kit and fill out the ambassador application by clicking the link below. You will need to create an account upon applying.
The Exhibiters area is being expanded again this coming year. I spent most of my free time talking to vendors last year and it looks like it will be a challenge just to make it around the floor.

I hope to see some of you at RootsTech this coming February. Bring warm clothes; it is cold in Salt Lake in February.


  1. Many in our group will be there!

  2. My husband will be teaching. I am coming for the experience as well.