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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

New Pedigree View Mode for MyHeritage Family Trees

For some time now, I have been wondering why MyHeritage did not offer a traditional pedigree view for its family tree. My wait is now over. Here is the announcement from the MyHeritage Blog.
You asked for it, and we developed it for you! This week, we released a Pedigree View mode for family trees, created in response to popular demand from our users. Many users considered the Pedigree View as their most wanted feature on MyHeritage, so we are delighted to fill this need. 
A Pedigree View includes a root person and his/her ancestors. It does not show siblings, spouses, or anyone else who is not a direct ancestor. In this view you can navigate to anyone else in your tree and view their pedigree as well. 
The new Pedigree View doesn’t replace the current view, which we call Family View. It comes in addition, and you can toggle between the two and a third view, which is a List.
Here is a screenshot of the pedigree view using my Grandfather as the beginning person.

Rather than have all the detailed information in the family tree, MyHeritage has a sidebar that provides the details and links to other family members.

From my standpoint as an experienced genealogist, this is a big step forward in making the program more usable. However, if you are used to the family view then that is still available.

There are really three different views available, Family View, Pedigree View, and List. Here is a screenshot of the List.


  1. Finally! I have always found that Family View to be terribly unhelpful. Zoom out enough to see the family structure and no names can be seen. Zoom in enough to read the names and all you can see of the family is a married couple and a couple of their children. Scrolling back and forth to try to see more of the family always got me immediately lost.