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Monday, May 7, 2018

Special Webinar with MyHeritage's Founder and CEO Gilad Japhet
This is a very special webinar from Here is a short synopsis of the broadcast. 
Gilad shared the story of how he originally caught the “genealogy bug” and the journey of starting MyHeritage and recruiting the original team. Filled with personal anecdotes, he included key milestones and lessons learned along the way, including the intriguing story of a 70-year-old mystery, a highlight of his genealogy experiences. 
He also explained the background of the Legacy acquisition and shared new developments coming up for Legacy Family Tree — the company and the webinar series — and future plans for MyHeritage. 
In this webinar, you’ll get the scoop from Gilad first-hand about new feature releases you can expect later this year...
 This a chance to hear from the head of the soon-to-be largest genealogy company in the world.


  1. Hello,
    "soon-to-be largest genealogy company in the world" - nice thing to wish for, but I'd like to ask you: what is a base for your optimism here? Is it really feasible for them to overtake Ancestry and how soon?

    1. Considering what Ancestry is presently not doing, It is not only feasible it is inevitable. What do you know about Ancestry?