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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Largest Single Family Tree

In a recent presentation from Ron Tanner of FamilySearch, he showed a slide with the claim to the largest single interconnected family tree. The number of individuals in that family tree is 498,980,000 individual entries. This huge tree is part of the Family Tree. Just think, if you are a member of this part of the Family Tree, you technically have over 498 million cousins.

Before you start telling me about all the duplicates and the other problems with the family tree, perhaps you would like to start working on your part and make sure the part you have in that huge tree does not have duplicates and is error-free.


  1. Good thing I read the last pargarph before I started complaining. Just kidding. This is really great news, even with the dups.

  2. Actually you won't have anywhere close to 498 million cousins. A lot of people will be connected to you through marriage and more connected to them through marriage. The relatives of the married people are all connected but technically are not cousins.