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Monday, June 1, 2020

MyHeritage is offering free access to different record collections every day in June

Each Day of June, a Different Record Collection Will Be Free!

Great new offer from MyHeritage, quoting from an email announcement:
Starting tomorrow, June 1, each day of the month a different and significant historical record collection will be available for free!

The collections we have chosen for this offer were handpicked for their value for family historians and include collections that are exclusive to MyHeritage. Among them are the Sweden Household Examination Books, 1840–1947, 1940 Denmark Census, and U.S. City Directories. Altogether, we’ll be providing free access to more than 2 billion historical records throughout June!

All the collections are available on, and you can find the full schedule for the free collections, including direct links, on our blog.
Here is a sample of the collections that will be free during June. In all, a total of 2,043,456,361 records will be made accessible for free during the month of June. This special offer is in the spirit of MyHeritage’s commitment to providing people with more opportunities and resources to further their genealogical research while at home.

Each of the listed collections will only be available for free for the day they are listed. 


  1. For me, it's not that great, because today, My Heritage is asking money for access to Dutch records that are already free on FamilySearch and local archive sites. In other words, for records from my country this offer is no more than a lie, that My Heritage repeats year after year. How can you allow this kind of fraud?

    1. Relatively few of the Netherlands records on FamilySearch are indexed. All the records on MyHeritage are indexed. There is always and overlap between the large genealogy websites. For example all the US Census records are free on FamilySearch but some websites include the U.S. Census records in their paid subscriptions. I use all of these websites because of what the uniquely have and ignore the duplicates. However, I do find MyHeritage's Record Matches come up with records I could never find on FamilySearch.