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Monday, October 14, 2013

FamilySearch confirms changes coming to Family Tree

The partnership with announced on 14 October 2013 is confirmed, in part, by a blog post from Dennis Brimhall of the same date. He said, in conjunction with statements about having 10 million sources added to's Family Tree program:
What’s made all of this possible? It’s all happening because of a combination of hard working people like you and the addition of powerful new website features on that we’ve recently released. These include:
  • An expanded and enhanced Search feature. 
  • The ability to find sources directly from an ancestor page in Family Tree, so we search the records for you.
  • Adding the ability to add sources to Family Tree with a simple click of a mouse.
  • The addition of hundreds of millions of new records online every month.
From my perspective, these are amazingly fortuitous developments. Think of having the huge advantage of's search capability added to FamilySearch's huge database of records!

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  1. Changes are coming so fast it's almost hard to keep up. But they are wonderful changes. I'm excited.