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Saturday, October 12, 2013

More News and Posts from FamilySearch

If the last batch of posts from the Blog was a little sparse, they more than made up for the lack in this past week or so. It becomes rather an interesting task to sort out what is new and what is not. I get an email notice of the blog posting as well as having the blog posts appear in my list of postings. In most cases, what I get notice of matches what is actually on the blog, but in some cases, I get notification of a blog post before it appears online. In other cases, the blog posts go to some other venue and never show up online. Sorting all this out gets to be an interesting challenge. In at least one case, two different blog posts had the same title and many others have very similar titles. In addition, some of the blog posts are directed primarily at members, volunteers and missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I have decided to address those in my other new blog, Rejoice, and be exceeding glad... Well, here it goes:

News and Events: Genealogy and Family History Conferences-October
This is an ongoing post with updates listing upcoming genealogy conferences. It is far from complete since only some of the possible conferences are listed, but it does give an idea that there is a lot going on in the genealogical community.

FamilySearch Adds More Than 10 Million Indexed Records and Images to Collections from England, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States
This is another periodic post. It is useful to know that new collections are going online at every week so that people can go back frequently to see if anything they might be interested in has appeared. 

October is Family History Month
It is interesting to see that apparently my questioning of the rank of Family History as one of the world's most popular hobbies is getting some milage. Here is the introduction from Steve Anderson's post:
Family history/genealogy appears to be a very popular hobby, not just in America but throughout much of the world. There is much debate as to where it ranks in the list of most popular hobbies, but there is no doubt that family history is hugely popular and becoming even more so each year. 
October has been officially listed as Family History Month within the US. It is a time to remember our roots and celebrate our unique histories and identities. It also happens to be the month that we celebrate several specific heritage days (German-American month, Italian Heritage month, Polish American Heritage month, etc.)
He has some really good ideas for getting more involved in family history.

Printing a Fan ChartThis is an excellent explanation of how to print a fan chart from's Family Tree. This is a new function and a little bit tricky until you see the little print icon and realize what it is supposed to do.

Family History Company Facebook Likeometer
Nathan Murphy has a really novel way of looking at the comparative popularity of various genealogy web sites. I am not really sure what this indicates but it is a novel approach and probably at least as valid and any other way of measuring. 

FamilySearch Adds More Than 9.5 Million Indexed Records and Images to Collections from Argentina, BillionGraves, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and the United States
Periodic means irregularly periodic in this case. It is a given that new records go up all the time, not every day, but in batches during the week. Good news for those who are doing research in any of the areas that happen to go online. 

Photos and Stories: Changing Hearts with Online Photos
This is a good post showing some examples of the uses of photos and stories uploaded to's Photos and Stories website. Worth looking at for good ideas. 

A Benefit of Signing In to FamilySearch
This needs to be explained so that new users understand the reasons for signing into this free website. As the post indicates:
In order to access Family Tree or the Photos option from the FamilySearch home page, you need to sign in to FamilySearch. If you have an existing FamilySearch account, you can sign in using your username and password. If you do not have an existing account, you can easily create one by clicking the Sign In option from the FamilySearch home page, and then clickCreate an Account. Once you complete the registration, you will have an account you can use to sign in to FamilySearch.
 Well that wraps up another week of FamilySearch posts.

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