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Friday, October 4, 2013

A Wiki Milestone and other news from FamilySearch

The number of blog posts from seemed to slow down a little during the past week or so. But there were some interesting posts nonetheless. Here is an update with a few of my usual comments:

Getting Started with your Family History—Part 2
Somewhere I seem to have missed Part One of this post, but Part 2 is really nothing more than a link to the Getting Started with your Family History page. Even I sometimes use a blog post just to put up a sign.

Conferencia Iberoamericana de Genealogía
Yes, you read that right. Here is the summary of what happened:
The week of September 9th was a historic one for Hispanic genealogy here in Salt Lake City. More than 60 celebrated historical researchers, professional genealogists, and genealogy enthusiasts, who specialize in the reconstruction of Hispanic families, gathered from around the world for the XVIII Reunión Americana de Genealogía and the VIII Congreso Ibero-Americano de Genealogía y Heráldica.
Salt Lake City, Utah has a sizable Spanish speaking population as do many of the cities of the U.S. SouthWest. This is one conference I would have liked to attend since I both speak Spanish and do a substantial amount of research in Spanish language records. In going through the links, I could not find where the papers presented at the conference would be published. Perhaps they were only available to Conference attendees.

News and Events: Genealogy and Family History Conferences-OctoberIt looks like my observations about being able to attend a genealogy conference every single week of the year someplace in the U.S. or around the world is true. In fact, some of days of the month you would have to make hard decisions about which conference you wanted to attend. Interestingly, only two of the 18 conferences I have been asked to participate in during the next year are listed.

FamilySearch Adds More Than 192 Million Indexed Records and Images to Collections from Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and WalesIf FamilySearch keeps adding hundreds of millions of records to the Historical Record Collections the numbers will really start adding up. Sorry for the sarcasm. The actual numbers are much more impressive.

Indexers Celebrate Record-Setting Italian Ancestors Project Weekend
On September 13–15, volunteers from around the world joined together to index and arbitrate 134,986 Italian records (approximately 400,000 names). Participants were invited to index and arbitrate over 35,000 Italian records in just 48 hours—slightly more than the previous high. Due to the enthusiasm and dedication of many volunteers, the event goal was significantly exceeded.

Top Ten Signs You’re a Hardcore Genealogist
I must not qualify as hardcore because there was only one of the listed items applied to me personally. Anyway, I am way past dressing up my kids for Halloween. Interesting list from Nathan Murphy. 

FamilySearch Wiki Reaches an Important Milestone
I was wondering why FamilySearch had to pick this up from me? 

Families Who Crossed Frontiers
This is another mention of the Hispanic Genealogy Conference. If they host this Conference again, I really must go. But the post also highlights the Immigrant Ancestors Project. This looks like another topic for a post from me. 

FamilySearch Wiki Reaches an Important Milestone
This is a really good summary by Nathan Murphy about the FamilySearch Research Wiki. 

Well, that was what happened 

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