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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Making Further Inroads -- What do I mean?

Sholom Simon followed up with some more comments on my post "Dealing with the Duplicates -- Where is the Master File? Part Two." He raised the question as follows:
In part two, you wrote: 
"I am not presently in a position, absent a workable online program, to make any further inroads into my ancestors." 
I'm not sure what you mean by that. I'm sure that many many folks (almost all?) rely a lot on secondary sources -- unless they are a professional-quality genealogist.
My comment was admittedly obscure. My reference was to the present condition of the Family Tree program. The data in the program is chock full of duplicates, especially among my ancestors. Because the program is still using the same database as, there are limits on the ability of the users to eliminate duplicate entries. So, until that particular issue is resolved, I am prevented from correcting the information in the file and making further progress online.

The work that I do takes place in my local programs on my computer. I am waiting for FamilySearch Family Tree to be "fixed" so that I can enter the information I already have into that program.

Why Family Tree? Simple. I happen to think that it will ultimately work better than any other present option.

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  1. I have experienced the chock full of duplicate records previously and stuck with that. But now I am conscious and gathering data for find missing heirs and their families.