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Friday, October 25, 2013

What are the most popular genealogical websites? Genealogy had a short article by Kimberly Powell on the "Most Popular Genealogy Websites 2013." They listed the usual four large online genealogical database/family tree programs,,, and, but also added in

It should be noted that is now owned by Each of these four entities have multiple websites so the question is whether you consider only the main website or add the traffic from all the owned sites? If you base "ranking" on a website such as (which I have done in the past) then it is difficult to factor in the multiple websites own or operated by the parent entity.

In doing this comparison, I struggle with the terminology. is a non-profit and does not technically compete with any of the other entities. The other large companies have multiple websites, some of which are more or less autonomous. For example, it has been reported that has owned for some time now, but the website still does not reflect any connection with A quick check with shows today at 584 in the global ranks and 176 in the U.S. No other genealogy company is even close to this ranking. But at the same time, is ranked 11,663 in the world and 2,476 in the U.S. In looking at today, it is ranked 5,405 in the World and 3,062 in the U.S. Putting it ahead of in the World and behind in the U.S. Do we discount simply because it is owned by Then why include

If you look at, today it is ranked at 3,649 in the World and 899 in the U.S. So, if you consider to be a separate entity from, it would rank way above in both the World and the U.S. In fact, since is ranked at 5,190 in the World today and 1,516 in the U.S., it is above in both. For more easy reference here are some of the statistics from today for a few of the larger companies with the World figure first and the U.S. figure second:  594 -- 176  5,190 -- 1,516  5,405 -- 3,062  152,452 -- 67,028  3,649 -- 899  11,663 -- 2,476  51,929 -- 9,448  28,094 -- 1,438  62,389 -- 16,113  59,034 -- 24,620  15,343 -- 3,635  46,686 -- 3,593  33,339 -- 9,630  14,662 -- 3,454  6,876 -- 4,812

If you look at just the U.S. ranking, then the top five are,,, and Note that three of these are owned by So, if we count as one huge entity with all of its owned subsidiaries, we could look at the rankings for the U.S. as follows:

About what would be expected except for What about the world rankings? Once again, combining all of the companies, it looks like this:

In this list there is no number five because all the rest of the list are owned by someone else. For example, owns and Where is Well, if you take all the D.C. Thompson Family History websites together, they would likely rank very high, but individually, there are more popular websites.

Ranking the top ten or whatever of the genealogy companies is much harder than you might think and the lists are almost always wrong, probably mine also. Any site in the top 100,000 of the World and in the top 50,000 in the U.S. is extraordinarily popular. If you want to get some perspective, you could look at this blog's ranking today, 346,691 in the World and 59,692 in the U.S. Not high enough to be on anyone's radar for a long time.

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