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Friday, January 21, 2011

#3 Live from the Mesa Family History Expo

Meeting the Bloggers. Always very interesting to see a real live person instead of a picture. Soon it will be off to classes after checking in with some of the vendors who I know. I have already heard some interesting things. There is a rumor that all 4500 of the Family History Centers will be given access to Let's see if that is true or not?

I choose to go to the FamilySearch update for my first class. I guess this was just in case I missed something looking at it from day to day.

Some of the classes are being broadcast on Webinars and will later be available by recording. One thing that seems to happen at conferences is that I get easily distracted from trying to take notes. Right now, I am in the process of seeing how I am going to hook up to my projector (or their projector) for my classes. I am teaching a class today on The challenge is that my Internet connection is through my MacBook Pro. Of course, all of the equipment here at the Expo is PC (of course, how silly of me to think my Mac would be compatible) No, problem. I can get anything to work anywhere, given time and a lot of money. Problem, no time, no money. Oh, well. I may be able to find an adapter from a DVI to DB15 or whatever.

In the second class of the day, I am listening to Geoff Rasmussen of Legacy Family Tree, Milennia Corporation. They have just introduced version 7.5 of their program with full synchronization to New FamilySearch. The second I get a chance, I will be posting on the new version. There is also a newer update of the Legacy program right now.

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