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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Send your parents (or yourself) a Tech Support care package

In teaching genealogy classes, I often hear the lament that the class members lack computer skills. To partly answer that issue, Google has initiated a new website called Teach Parents Tech to support all those people who have a long list of tech support issues with their parents. It also helps all those who are parents and don't want to admit to their children that they have issues. I suppose it would also apply to a lot of younger people who are too embarrassed to admit they don't understand computers.

The site consists of a series of short videos about a variety of computer support issues, from copy and paste to changing your screensaver. Her is Google's introductory video:

The video topics are grouped under categories from The Basics to Finding Information. It looks like they have about 40 videos to start out. From my experience with computer users, I can say that this is really helpful. There might be other sites of this sort out there, but with Google backing this one has a good chance of really making a dent in the lack of basic computer education.

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  1. What a fantastic find! Thank you for sharing. I've sent the first video already to my mother and will be exploring many more!