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Saturday, January 22, 2011 expands into Family History/FamilySearch Centers

According to a source in FamilySearch, all of the official FamilySearch/Family History Centers across the world, approximately 4500 of them, will get Library Version access to early in February. To find out if there is a Center near you, go to the website and click on the FamilySearch Centers link at the top of the start-up page. If a Family History Center is listed, it will be given free access to's library edition. This is the same edition currently available only in the larger Family History Centers.

It should be noted that FamilySearch is still in a period of transition in the naming of the Family History/Family Search Centers. I would assume that at some time in the not-to-distant future, all of the present Centers will be re-branded as FamilySearch Centers. But I have not heard anything official about a change in the names.

A search on the website in my area shows 10 centers in Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Mesa, and Paradise Valley as potential sites for the expanded program. This includes the Mesa Regional Family History Center (Mesa, Arizona Large Multi-Stake Family History Center which already has access to the program.

I am certain that the Centers will have to look at expanded hours to accommodate the increase in visitors access to will bring.


  1. Be careful with the idea that the Church is in the process of renaming their Family History Centers. According to Lance McIntosh in his Expo presentation, the Church has no plans to make "wholesale" name changes. Currently there are 3 categories of Centers: 1) Large multi-stake Center - they prefer not to use the name "Regional" even though everyone else does, 2) Multi-stake, and 3) Stake. Yes, it's true that the new Riverton, Utah location is called a FamilySearch Library and the newly renovated Los Angeles facility is called the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library. But, these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. Not sure the name is as important as knowing where they are and what their hours of operation are. For what it's worth.
    Lynn Melville

  2. If you look for a local FHC the page says, "Find a FamilySearch Center". That look like they are beginning to re-brand the centers.

  3. What's the difference between a regional library like one in Gilbert or a county library like one in Gilbert, beside the location? advantages?

    1. We are talking about two different things. A FamilySearch Regional Library is one of 15 large FamilySearch Centers such as the one in Mesa. The Gilbert Regional Library is sponsored by Maricopa County, Arizona.