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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tribute to Holly Hansen

The highlight of the two day Mesa, Arizona Family History Expo was the closing, a commentary and history given by main force behind the whole Family History Expos experience. Holly's experiences show that true dedication and purpose can prevail over huge obstacles. She is a great organizer and promoter, but at heart, is truly a great genealogist. I don't think a person's standing in the genealogical community is or should be based upon either education or erudition. What is important is heart and spirit. Real genealogy involves love. Love of family, love of learning, love of accuracy, love of life. Holly has all of these in abundance and deserves a huge amount of credit for measurably advancing the cause of genealogical research throughout the country.

Even though work and family pressures kept me from being more involved in this year's Expo, Holly's E-mail to me at the last minute, reminded me to submit some class outlines. Her kindness in remembering that I had expressed an interest is impressive. I really enjoyed the Expo and talking to all those I had time to meet and visit with. Even though I am Blogger and now, a presenter, I still take the opportunity of attending a conference seriously and attend as many classes as I can. I sort-of regret teaching because then I miss the opportunity to learn from others.

Thanks again to Holly, her family and all those who made the Mesa Family History Expo possible.

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  1. I first met Holly a couple years ago at the Sheridan Wy Expo where she made me feel welcome as an honor blogger. I've had the privilege to attend a couple other Expos and will do two this year. They are very well run and she and her staff do a fine job with not only organizing the Expo but they are all friendly make everyone feel welcome. Everyone becomes a family at Expo and the learning opportunities are good, there is something for everyone. Holly's decision to take the Expos to some of the smaller cities and venues has been a boon to those of us who live so far removed from all the larger conferences. Thanks to Holly and all her crew!