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Tuesday, June 5, 2012 for sale?

I checked my bank accounts and stock prices and I fall a little short of the cash necessary to buy I thought about it though after reading Dick Eastman's tip in "Is For Sale?" I doubt that I could outbid Google or Facebook however, both of whom are mentioned as potential buyers by the source Bloomberg article. So if you have followed what has been going on the past week, you will now realize that the old Ancestral File contributions that you did years ago and the Pedigree Resource File you contributed, may now not only end up on, but they might end up on Facebook! Maybe we will be able to read what our ancestors ate for breakfast and what their cats threw up?


  1. And where are my copyright protections in this? I know if I copy something from Ancestry even if it is available other places they might well be after me.

  2. I was amazed when I read Ancestry's terms & conditions. You retain ownership of any user submitted content, Ancestry just can use it in any way it deems "appropriate." I'm all for sharing with others, but not for a company who is going to make a profit off of some public record that I paid for.