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Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Impressions of

Oh well, I was feeling media deprivation and I was excited to see yet another outlet for my pervasive online presence. (Sure, if you believe that...). has apparently been very big in Germany and France and has now arrived on U.S. shores in competition with dozens of other platforms. I had a semi-inactive blog called that had never really taken off, so I decided to try a blog to see how the program works or doesn't work.

First of all Overblog is simple to the point of being obtuse. Simple and minimalistic can be carried to an extreme and they have done that. It takes a while to figure out how to navigate the site and add content for an example. Comparing it to Blogger, it is apparently no where near as flexible and useful. It is supposed to import a Blogger blog and also link to content in Facebook, Google+ (yet to come), Twitter and etc. but although I made the links, there was nothing to show that anything was going to happen.

I was able to put in some links, photos and do some really simple editing of the site, but that was about it. I would compare it to rather than Blogger. I am not about to dump my established Blogger site to jump to Overblog now or anytime soon. I will see how the PhotoArizona360 site does and post an update assuming something happens.

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