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Monday, June 18, 2012

Name change for Family History Centers and more info on Family Tree

The Mesa Family History Center was formally notified that its name would change immediately to the Mesa FamilySearch Library. Likewise, all of the 4,500+ Family History Centers will be know henceforth as FamilySearch Centers. Only the 15 Large Multi-Stake Centers will be known as "Libraries."

The change will take some time as signage will have to be changed. It will take the volunteers awhile to get used to the new name also. I think the new name more accurately reflects the mission of the centers. You go there to search not to look up your family history.

A source that I am not free to identify, affirmed that FamilySearch Family Tree will in fact replace New FamilySearch, likely by the middle of December of 2012. This is consistent with the announcement by Ron Tanner and RootsTech 2012. Future updates with include:
  • Patron submitted artifacts (photos, documents scans, etc.)
  • Relationship management
  • Printing form such as Family Group Records and etc.
  • Merging of duplicates
  • Helper navigation
  • GEDCOM import (too bad)
  • Preference settings
Most of this was previewed by Ron Tanner, but it was comforting to get the list re-affirmed. The Family Search Centers should be switching over to support for Family Tree by September.

Stay tuned for more news. 

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  1. Will Family History Centers be receiving formal announcements stating when we are to begin using the new title?