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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Upcoming features in FamilySearch Family Tree

In a 30 June 2012 update on the Blog, they announced the following upcoming changes to FamilySearch Family Tree. These are important to anyone interested in securing their data on a stable platform. Family Tree is open to all registered users of Registration is simple and free. Here are the proposed changes:

The features required to add new people to Family Tree and fix relationships between people are in the works.  We may be taking Family Tree offline for a short period of time while we add this new functionality.  When this functionality is completed, you will be able to:
  • Add parents, children, and spouses to families.
  • Remove people from families where they do not belong.
  • Change the record of an incorrectly linked parent or spouse for the correct record.
  • Add, change, and delete marriage events (dates and places of marriage, divorce, and so forth).
  • Add change and delete relationship types between parents and children. (The relationship types are biological, step, guardianship, adopted, and other.)
  • Add sources to parent-child and couple relationships.
  • See a history of all changes made to relationships and undo changes if needed.
You’ll know that we have added the new features because options to add missing people will start appearing on the tree.

I am looking forward to the changes. I have a lot of corrections to do on the information that was ported over from

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