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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real World Apps on a Smartphone

In a previous post, I talked about some of the ways I used my iPhone. But this post is directed at the specific apps I use extensively. Here is the list in rough order of usage. I might note that most (if not all) these same apps are available on Android devices and all can be used on an iPad or other tablet. OK, one more note, I do use the iPhone as a cell phone. Although I get far fewer phone calls than I do electronic messages by about a hundred to one. (I get 100 times more electronic messages than voice mail messages).

Mail. I use the standard Apple Mail app and it can access the Microsoft server in my office and I can get office and personal email. With the quantity of email I get daily, I really have to access my email every couple of hours at the most.

Safari/Google. I use Google Maps and through Safari and Google access all of my online content. Safari is really transparent since I always go directly to the Google apps. I use the internal GPS function of the iPhone almost constantly because so many of the apps I use location services.

Calendar. This is another standard Apple app and I use it constantly. I synchronize all of calendars including the one from my law office.

Photos and Camera. I actually take quite a few photos with my iPhone. Especially, if I am doing any research and don't have one of my other cameras.

LDS apps. I use several LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) apps including the Church dirctory app called LDS Tools. I also use an app called Gospel Library and a commercial app called Scriptures.

TWC. The Weather Channel. I like to watch the weather, although I have to admit it is dreary and boring in Mesa.

Skype. This is another way I get a stream of messages all day. I use this will a lot of different people but especially with FamilySearch.

Dropbox. I mentioned this before. It is not part and parcel of the fabric of how I use computers.

News apps. I get the bulk of my news from online sources. I have about six or so news aggregator apps on my iPhone. I like Pulse the best.

YouTube and Pandora. I have to admit, I like to listen to music and both of these provide a huge amount of music content.

Evernote. How did I ever live before Evernote? This one is indispensable.

SeismicXML. Yes, I watch for earthquakes all over the world. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember starting with the seismograph at the University of Utah.

Book Readers. Kindle, Play Books, iBooks and several other. I switch around a lot but read a lot of books on the iPhone.

Camera Lenses. A specialty item that I have because of my photography.

Genealogy apps. I have quite a few including some program specific ones. To name a few, I have Reunion, Ancestry, Family Tree and others.

Fast Food. Now you know the truth.

RedLaser. Really useful for comparing prices onsite in stores.

I have dozens and dozens more that I use very occasionally. Most are specific look up programs like Trulia or Best Buy,

That's it for now folks.