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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chinese Records added to FamilySearch Historical Record Collections

There are over 4 million Chinese records in the Historical Record Collections.  The Collection was added back on 29 May 2012, but it looked like to me that the Collection was being updated as I looked at it today, since it kept appearing and then disappearing. The Collection, entitled China, Collection of Genealogies, 1500-1980, I believe marks the first extensive collection of copies of original source records for China on FamilySearch. The Collection is described as follows:
Digital images of Chinese genealogies from various public and private collections. Although some genealogies include information on family branches that migrated to surrounding countries this collection covers families with roots in China. Chinese family genealogies list the origin of the family within China, where the family settled, and gives the generations of the family. Although some genealogies reach as far back as 1500 the time period and content of the records will vary from one genealogy to the next. Additional records may be added to this collection. Check the wiki or browse the collection to determine current coverage.
Other Asian and Middle Eastern Countries have also been added in the past, but this is the first listed for China itself. Other countries with collections include India,  Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

As I was writing this post, other additions for 27 June 2012, kept appearing and then disappearing from the list. My guess is that the database was being updated at the time I was looking at it and the collections were not completely loaded. The Chinese collection was listed as updated along with several others and over just a few minutes, almost all of the updates for 27 June 2012 disappeared. Oh well, I will check back later and see what happens to the list. 

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  1. It will be easy for me to find my ancestors with this family tree help. Thanks.